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spray foam re-roof

Norris Spray Foam leads the pack in the Denton area for spray foam roofing systems. We re-roof all types of commercial and industrial roofs with spray polyurethane foam to seal leaks permanently, to provide insulation and to preserve and protect the substrate from the ravages of time and weather.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

A unique approach to roofing. The system is lightweight, non-toxic and it’s durable and weather-resistant. Since tear-off of old roofs is not always necessary, SPF reduces the amount of time and money spent on installation, reduces noise generated, and reduces inconveniences caused. SPF also allows for contours to be created to create slope and drainage.

SPF provides 2 layers of protection:

1. This first layers provides a seamless, monolithic barrier of polyurethane foam, with continuous flashings. Most vertical or horizontal substrates will accept SPF adhesion.

2. The next layer is a protective coating such as cementititous, silicone or urethane, acrylic or polyurea. The type depends on the intended use.

The benefits of SPF:

Time tested system developed in the late 1960s.

A seamless, lightweight, reflective roof system.

High insulation values in hot or cold climates to reduce energy costs.

Saves installation costs due to ease of application.

Reduces maintenance expenses.

Can reduce infiltration of roof air pollutants.

Leak reduction from ponding and flashings.
Since the insulation is on the outside of the structure, it reduces thermal shock and building movement.

Provides Class A fire resistance using UL’s UL fire ratings on various substrates.

Effective in snow and ice, rain and high humidity, and low humidity locales with intense solar radiation.

SPF is a renewable roofing system with proper annual maintenance and consistent re-application of elastomeric coating during the life cycle of the roof system.

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